Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Rose

On my LLB (Hons) Degree Certificate from the University of London, Birbeck College, there is a symbol:

A Shield with a blue background with a book open, below is a white background with a red cross and a "rose" upon which sits a crown.

I have just placed my LLB Degree Certificate into another bundle of papers before Master Leslie re his order informing it is a worthless piece of paper as is his Order (I am not complying with it) - and to wipe his arse on it.

The problem appears to be that the Lord Chancellor, Derry Irvine of Lairg, was too engaged in his costly wallpaper and his pugin loo that over time the Woolsack became "pretty vacant".

The Vacant Woolsack is problematic concerning democracy because a Judge MUST have Executive Powers in Parliament. We are therefore not currently "democratic", not even modern or contemporary. The problem appears to be the concept of ADR (Mediation), at least from my perspective, and society became unbalanced via the Access to Justice Act 1999 - hence the Iraq War - hence the Vacant Woolsack, hence the banking crisis.

Moreover, my court case keeps experiencing procedural abuse - at 5 years on this third case is not even at discovery or witness statements - now S J Berwin & Co appear to have misrepresented to me the nature of my employment which was to be a "paralegal" and particularly on a £200 million misrepresentation action in the Official Referees Court utilising document imaging technology for which I also trained and supervised a team of four people - the case settled early. However, along comes David Shapiro, an American and the concept of ADR - to which I attended a Mock inhouse ADR seminar (videod) and utilised the information in my dissertation (on the Woolf Reforms) - albeit my feedback form informed that I had a crisis of conscience in regard to this concept - as I perceived it would undermine the rule of law: I also had in my mind the question why would you want to undermine the rule of law? - and in popped the answer : a war. Needless to say, my employment became increasingly difficult especially when my bosses had little or no clients and no client work - but one boss was being represented in Chambers Directory as a "leading individual and thorough" - not quite the case. He now claims amongst other things to be a "superchap" - really, I don't think so. Anyway, this particular boss had set up an Arbitration Club (which is "privatised" application of the rule of law) and David Shapiro linked up with mediation (which is privatised non application of the rule of law, ie hidden dispute settlement). A company called FICA or SICA operating out of Germany was created and my employability was appalling on or thereabouts. Because I had not too much work - albeit I did scoot down the corrider to the environmental law department from time to time - a treat - I was seconded to the global Guinness/Grandmet merger all £24 billion (now Diageo plc) of it for a year and was relatively happy - I then had to return to department and to the familiar issues which had not gone away - no client work and NJC's holiday notes are a hoot (absolutely no work - and you need a holiday!). I then managed to get work via the Advocacy Unit - something my bosses claimed I could not do - but I had no problems doing the work on the Sandline Arbitration - re the mercenary Tim Spicer and others. However, I cannot help deduce that S J Berwin & Co appear to me to be a veritable pot of subersiveness and I speculate : (1) I was sacked by Professor Richard Susskind OBE from Masons a specialist IT law firm (albeit Partners have computer ornaments on their desks which they have not a scooby how to operate them (but manage to bring computer related allegations as well as Cathy's got a loud voice (so what) - Molyneux/Cross/Cathy James - knowingly incompetent) leading to my dismissal [Displacency issue]. Susskind is or becomes IT Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice and is busy piddling about in the judiciary and Law Society reforms and especially involved in creating an IT specialism to the Construction Law specialism of the Official Referees Court. How did Winward Fearon (small firm) and Julian Critchlow get that £200 m misrep action in the OR's court, pick me up along the way: and both of us end up at S J Berwin & Co (headhunted) - when the case settles early Julian thereafter has no clients (not really ready for the big league then)!!!! - oh and Richard Susskind's colleague Neil Cameron oversees a report by myself and another re DIP systems (and our case settled early - hmmm - was I suing Susskind at that point and whipped his arse in court - it was worth seeing him slide/slouch under the table though- don't recall he took the oath: even although the judge was already corrupted). Is that a material link to the corruption I am experiencing? or is law just a little village? At SJB, link Julian Critchlow: Arbitration to David Shapiro: ADR and his profile is unbelievable - American Nazi Party case, Watergate too and Clinton - there's a surprise. And then a year or so later, add to the mixture a mercenary as a client [eventually bankrolled as a "private" army by America-Bush!!] What is a girl to think (speculate) that S J Berwin & Co are engaged in warmongering - why are all 3 of my very small piddly personal litigations bogged down by procedural nonsense aka everyone "omitting to act" in order to ensure the judge does not see anything of relevance like CAUSE and CAUSATION for instance, the substance/substantive. Well I am entitled to deduce something and even speculate a bit - but also add into the mixture a dissertation on the Woolf Reforms via academia (Birbeck/UCL) and its a hotchpotch - Susskind/Woolf/Shapiro/Critchlow/Farmer/Lacey/Head of Birbeck, Baroness Blackstone in the Cabinet no less - Straw - how did Straw get the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Justice - which requires a Judge with executive powers not vice versa - why will no police officer deal with the criminality occurring on my current litigation - I have emailed them, I have asked the Judge to pass the papers to them orally, I have set it out very very very nicely in pleadings: perversion of the course of justice and misconduct in public office : but that is the icing on the cake - I do appear to also being listened into - which I perceive to be (a) intellectual espionage - because I am worth it - I'm the goldmine, not the gold digger and (b) they may even like me a little bit sometimes, or its intimidation and harrassment. I also keep getting told to drop the case - why? However, preparing the case to go back before Master Leslie a day or so ago, I dropped the big one - "the Rose" : I was musing : the English flag should be scarlet red with a white cross and a rose: why have they not changed managed the Flag! - Molyneux (Masons case) stated "there is blood all over the walls" quite!. Then I decided I would put in the bundle the return of my LLB degree and I noticed the Shield on the top - and then I started to think - I may possibly be a descendent of a Royal line of Scotland via King John Balioll's daughter Ellen marrying a Jermy Knight + the table in my dissertation is "pure original thought" - now the thing with a rose is that it is asymetrical, as is the table in my dissertation - "a Rose" - the English & Welsh legal system.

ANNEX 1 - Access to Justice Table re Woolf (worth downloading)

Impression, suggestion, hypothesis, heresay, speculation, musing - well why not: Brown has not exactly got to grips with the banking problem - don't print any money; don't allow organisations to borrow to pay bonuses and stop the fat cat contracts as an unfair contract term - you would not be trying "by omission" to create a war!


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