Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 - have fun

The Artist and the Bumble Bee

One morning in my garden I found
a Bumble Bee lying dead on the ground
I picked him up, studied him, then,
Thought "I will sketch him with my drawing pen,
Next, with a very fine sable brush
Colour in his gorgeous coat of plush".

As I painted this colourful bee
I hoped he lived on in Eternity.
For what would heaven be like, after all,
If there was no place for such creatures small.

Phyllis Jermy (deceased) (My Grandmother)

Look out for Bumble Bees in 2017.  I grow a lavender border just for them and it buzzes away on one side with the bumble bees other favorite a cotoneaster hedge on the other.  In the autumn, I cut the lavender and give it to my sister who makes wonderful presents out of small swatches of fabric stuffing them with lavender.  I am anticipating something nice to hang in my wardrobe as my Christmas present.  Bumble bees most welcome in my small garden.  Merry Christmas folks.


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