Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Birthday to me ...

Room 101 

Lord Woolf (as he is American) :
Professor Richard Susskind OBE (as he is corrupt) :
The Lord Chancellor (as he is also an American) :
The English Legal System (as it is legally and morally bankrupt) .

Lord Woolf wants a “regime”, which is liberalisation;
Professor Richard Susskind OBE wants courtroom IT;
The Lord Chancellor wants contemporary, alternative and privatisation;
I want a fair justice system for all, and publically!

Discard Rule 26 and alternative dispute resolution;
Discard anything preliminary or ex parte;
Discard Hope of Craighead, Slynn of Hadley and Bingham of Cornhill, as part of the solution;
And we will again have equality and democracy.

To hell with my lecturers at Birbeck;
To hell with them again at the LSE;
To hell with the patronage of the EC law course at Kings College;
And now back to reality.

The common good ensures discovery by the wise;
And the knowledge is essential for law students;
No rights are derived from compromise;
This is the current issue concerning Jurisprudence.

So, in all these political nuances;
The separation of the powers is for a reason;
Do just the best “good” that you can and take no chances;
No person is indispensable, above the law, else it is act of Treason.

If you really want to go to heaven you will find;
The universe is the sun, moon and stars operating on the spirit;
Entry is internalisation of sense and pure thought previewed by the mind;
With externalised knowledge of how to observe and study nature and the natural prerequisite.

“Thy Kingdom come” when “thy will be done” is God’s promise;
Equality, fairness, impartiality and justice the highest form of Order;
“On earth as it is in heaven” is God’s will to the wise;
Judgment is the gate, doorway or border.

Of the quest, I anticipate that you will find success;
Law applied, not applied and no law equal progress, digress and regress in function form;
Aristotle establishes the ethical view as degeneracy, reasonableness and excess;
Whilst I re-clarify behaviour jurisprudentially as perverse, reasonable or corrupt as the natural norm.

Uniform application of law leads to social order and is the ideology of the Holy Grail;
Right and wrong are opposites and relative only to cause and effect;
The methodological flaw is alternative dispute resolution which is designed to fail;
As the best legal system does not need to abuse human rights, because of judicial discretion, ‘equity’ and intellect.

Solicitors, barristers and legal academics comprise a profession, educated and trained to a standard of ability inclusive of ethics;
When processed correctly, case marshalling, legal argument, advocacy and cross-examination ensure “independence of the judiciary”;
With filibustering and contempt being seen as despicable dirty tricks;
Which lead to abomination and aberration, corruption and judicial subjectivity.

Justice is done when it is seen to be done;
Via abstract judicial reasoning;
Mind over matter, is substance over form;
With a sprinkling of magical seasoning! 


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